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The American Standup Show Geneva

16 septembre 2021 @ 20:00 - 21:30

The American Standup Show Geneva is back with a brand new lineup of hilarious English Stand-Up Comedy at new venue Les 4 Coins!
With a crazy mix show of 4 comedians! Get your Tickets now HERE
« Great show. Totally recommended if you are a resident or even if you happen to pass by when the show is in town »
« Hilarious show in Strasbourg the other night, cool guests and great interaction with the audience! »
« What a fun night we had! Went in not expecting a lot from such a small local comedy event, but boy were we in for a treat!! These guys were so funny, I left with a belly ache from too much laughter. Smart, intelligent comedy! I will definitely go back. Thanks for organizing, Ahmet! »
« I was at the show in September, in Freiburg. Each of the comedians had a unique way and even though I didn’t know anyone there, I’ve felt that we all had a great time. »
GINO is a German-Brazilian comedian and lovable asshole. Moving countries every three years has made Gino into something of a dumpster Buddha, always ready to share a bigger part of the picture. After starting out with comedy in NYC, Gino moved back to Berlin and became a show runner and frequent performer at Ma’s Comedy Club. He regularly performs around Europe and has participated at the Hamburg International Comedy Festival four times. His style has been described as a combination of witty, relaxed and unapologetic. Who described his style like that? He did. Others have described him as witty, relaxed, and very apologetic. Gino has made his bones on the Berlin comedy scene & his style of high octane yet likeable comedy has always made him a crowd favorite. This is his first time in Switzerland & he is ready to bring it!
AHMET is a mess. He grew up in the US, matured in Turkey & now he’s slowly decomposing in Switzerland. Despite being a « chubby young starving artist » in one of the world’s most affluent countries, his outlook on life, witty jokes and embarrassing personal anecdotes is honest, silly & likeable. He loves to speak with the crowd & perform off the cuff while playing around with the audience. Rising to be one of the top players in Switzerland, he is branching out to the World Wide comedy scene with performances in Thailand, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, The Czech Republic & France & now in his home country Turkey!
ALBERT was born into the lost generation, of a misplaced nation that was started by a corporation. AKA: South Africa, born and raised in Johannesburg. Now living in Basel his comedy is about everything, nothing and the human condition. Albert is the epitome of charming, eccentric & absolutely loveable. He makes his own hats & is a staple of English Comedy Shows in Switzerland.
KATE is a wonderful American comedian living in Lausanne. She’s been doing Standup & making Swiss crowds laugh for years. Neat Jokes. Great Smile. Fantastic Performer. Recently she gained a lot of notoriety for her TikTok videos & has been killing it online! Come check her out : )
Questions: Email: with the title « TheASSZH »
Doors at 7:45 pm, show at 8:00 pm. Estimated show end: 9:30 pm
Tapas & Drinks @ les 4 coins BAR


Date :
16 septembre 2021
Heure :
20:00 - 21:30
Prix :
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Les 4 coins
Rue de Carouge 44
Genève, 1205 Suisse
Téléphone :
+41 22 340 04 44
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